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Maritime Door & Window’s 6000, 9000 and 9000 Plus Series windows offer the best quality and performance, but only if they’re installed properly. Learn more about the protection of your investment with a lifetime window warranty

A knowledgeable professional should install windows according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A poorly installed product may not operate properly and could cause drafts even though the product itself is energy efficient. Poor installation may also allow water to leak into the home, leading to costly damage.

Here are some installation guidelines:

  • The installation should provide an airtight, insulated seal.
  • After installation, the window should retain its original shape and be level (plumb) from side to side and top to bottom.
  • Windows may be installed on an angle (for example, in an attic) only if they are designed to do so.
  • A window should not support any load other than its own weight.
  • Any exterior finishing, such as flashing, should prevent water penetration.

There are two types of installation for replacement windows and doors:

Complete tear out:

This involves removal of the old window including the frame. Because the installer can create a completely airtight insulated seal between the product and the rough opening, this type of installation is normally recommended.


Retrofit involves the installation of a new window into the frame of the window that is being replaced. It is usually less expensive and minimizes the disturbance to the surrounding wall and trim. It can also reduce the glass area of a window by about 20 percent. Such an installation is appropriate only if the existing frame has not deteriorated and is properly sealed and insulated.

How Easy Is the Replacement Window to Install?

Some replacement windows can be very complicated to install, while others are quite simple. In general you will want to choose a replacement window that is fairly simple to install, especially if you are going to be putting it in yourself. You can check this by getting one or two windows to install at the back of your property and then following the instructions exactly. If you find this simple enough you can always get more of the same, otherwise you may want to change your replacement windows.

Do You Get a Professional to Replace Your Windows or Do It Yourself?

Once you have chosen the replacement windows you want, your next consideration is whether you are going to do it yourself or get a professional to come and replace your windows. If you are not very handy with home repairs or do not have the time available to do this work then you may want to call in a professional.

There are replacement windows available to suit virtually every house and you can choose ones that fit with the style of your home, have been certified for quality, are energy efficient and easy to install. You may also want to consider the material that the replacement windows are made of either to fit with the style or for other reasons. Whether you choose to hire a professional or do the replacement yourself will depend on the time you have available, your skills and also your budget.

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