Are there areas in your home that are just plain cold?

As cold temperatures approach with winter just around the corner, many homeowners often begin to ponder the energy and economic efficiency of their homes. A major contributor of heat loss can be directly correlated with the need to replace or update your doors and windows. Though some may think it is considered the off-season for door and window renovations, it is never too late to make upgrades that will help improve the efficiency of your home.

When done right, windows and doors and be replaced all year round. This isn’t something you do every day, these are long term choices. Be sure to do your research, check in with the experts.

Find out how Maritime Door & Window can help you keep the heat in this winter.

Why should you consider renovations that include doors and windows now?

It’s simple, comfort and cost savings. Drafty windows or doors that do not seal correctly can lead to extreme heat loss in your home during the winter months.

Not to mention, a significant increase in your energy bill and decrease the level of comfort in your home.

Why is Maritime Door & Windows
the right choice?

You will receive prompt, professional and knowledgeable advice. We are local, we know doors and windows. We are here to help, whether that help is a simple fix or a complete replacement our job is to provide value driven solutions to help keep winter on the outside and comfort on the inside.

Maritime Door & Window has Atlantic Canadian manufactured and proven high performing Energy Star door & window styles and designs for you to choose from. Everything from the newest styles to those time-honored classics.

Why wait any longer? The sooner you upgrade your doors and windows, the sooner you will enjoy the increase in comfort and energy savings.
Low cost financing is available.

Optimizing door and window efficiency

Not all doors and windows are created equally. You have several options available to consider, many of which will contribute to not only the comfort and energy efficiency but also the overall value and security of your home.

  • Triple Pane windows are very popular and the most energy-efficient option to help you save on heat and efficiency. Compared to single and double pane glass, triple-pane glass offers an additional insulating barrier and better sound proofing, insulating your home from our Maritime climate.
  • Upgrade to your Triple Pane windows to dual Low-E coating glass. Low-emissivity glass minimizes the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through the window, without minimizing the amount of light that enters your home. The low-E coating enables consistent temperatures in your home by reflecting the interior temperatures back inside. This effect is maximized when two panes of glass are Low-E coated.
  • Upgraded Energy Star rated door system in a huge range of styles.
  • Multipoint locking door systems can be combined with virtually any door system to increase the security of the door and to improve the seal of the door again our Atlantic Canadian environment.
  • Triple pane, Lift and Slide or 2+2 patio door systems are a great addition to any home. Functional, energy efficient, beautiful, and cost effective. Patio doors can be just the solution, or upgrade you are looking for.

Maritime Door & Window is ready to assist you!

Not all door and window replacements are equal. The right door and window package installed by a door and window expert is one of the easiest ways to update the look and increase the comfort and heating efficiency of your home. The highly trained and certified expert team at Maritime Door & Window can advise you on our most efficient, secure, and stylish door and window systems.