Exterior Design Trends For Your Home in 2021

With ever evolving design trends, it can feel impossible to know how to choose the right fixtures and features for your home. There is a fine line between being trendy and timeless. You don’t want the updates you’ve invested your time and money in to go out of style in the following few years. Achieving this balance is key to achieving your desired curb appeal that provides your home with distinction while remaining classic for years to come. We’ve compiled a list of five timeless 2021 design trends to help you keep up with your home’s exterior design.

Minimalist Design

Clean lines, monochromatic colour palettes and simplicity are key to achieving the ever-popular minimalist exterior design. Before investing in new windows and doors for a minimalist design, ensure the architecture of your home suits this style. The use of industrial doors and windows has become increasingly common, however wouldn’t suit a more traditional style home. Additionally, because there isn’t much going on with a minimalist exterior design, the use of multiple different sizes of windows can attract attention to your home in an effortless way. To make the most of your home’s minimalist design, choose windows without any decorative grills, have clear sightlines and that have straight rather than curved lines. You won’t have to worry about your minimalistic home going out of style, simplicity is timeless.

Larger & Extra Windows

Bright and airy spaces have been longed for in the housing market for several years, and we can anticipate this trend continuing to stick around. Incorporating larger and extra windows in your home will not only provide you with ample light, but it can also modernize the look of your home. You may want to consider longer, higher windows to maximize light while maintaining privacy. The key to adding or enlarging the windows in your home is matching them to your home’s architecture and aesthetic. There are limitless design options when it comes to Maritime Door & Windows’ decorative windows selection. The more windows, the brighter and more distinct your home will appear.

Seamless Transition to Outdoor Living Spaces

Something that will never go out of style is if your home has the luxury of having an interior and exterior living space. To help achieve a seamless feel between your indoor and outdoor spaces, a timeless patio door is essential. Sliding doors come in various sizes of glass panels, operating options and allow for customized coloured finish options. Choosing a garden or patio door that complements both your interior and exterior design will allow you to flawlessly connect the beauty of outdoors with the comfort of your home.

Wooden Accents

More and more homeowners are turning to natural or composite wood accents on their home rather than laminate siding. Not only do wooden siding accents complement an array of architecture, they provide for less maintenance. Another way to incorporate wooden accents in your home is by encasing windows with wood trim. You can do this on the interior or exterior of your home, or both! There are many ways to feature wooden trim on your home’s exterior, however the more classic the design, the more timeless it will be. Framing out the exterior of your windows using a contrasting wood from your siding offers a dramatic effect and will add curb appeal to your home.

Contrasting Garage Doors

If you’re investing in high-quality garage doors, you might as well make them stand out! Contrasting garage doors are becoming increasingly popular as they offer distinction and style to a home’s exterior. Afterall, distinction never goes out of style. Whether your garage doors are a traditional, contemporary or carriage-house design, create contrast by adding colour. Again, a pro tip when choosing new garage doors is to be mindful of the architecture and aesthetic of your home. This will ensure that the color of your contrasting garage doors will complement your home.

At Maritime Door & Window, we stay on top of current styles and trends so you don’t have to. Our experienced and professional team of window and door experts can help you find windows and doors that are on trend yet timeless and will best suit your home’s architecture. You can experience all of these styles and trends in our extensive showroom, it’s the largest window and door showroom in Atlantic Canada! Contact us today for more information on the latest in window and door design trends.



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