Maritime Door & Window: We know how to make an Entrance

Upgrading your front door is a chance to enhance your curb appeal for neighbors passing by and leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Not only will a new front door enhance your home’s appearance, but it can also offer security and efficiency benefits. Whether you’re looking to greet your guests with a bold, colorful passage, a sleek and modern entrance, or a traditional appearance, Maritime Door & Window has a wide selection of front doors and hardware to achieve your goals.

What’s your style?

When picking out a new front door, it’s important to determine the style of your home to ensure you will be happy with your investment. Do you have a traditional Victorian-style home? A contemporary, mid-century style? Perhaps a modern barn house, or rustic style? Finding a front door that compliments the style of your home is key to completing the desired look.

Tastefully Traditional

To achieve a traditional look, pairing doors with intricate embossment and decorative glass detail will offer an enhanced look that allows for optimal light passage. Configuration options for traditional front doors are often grand. For this, make your single door entrance a double, or opt for glass sidelites on each side for a more dramatic effect. Maritime Door & Window has several embossment styles and decorative glass settings that will suit your traditional style home perfectly.

Cool & Contemporary

If your home has a more contemporary feel, bold and/or sleek designs are often desired. You can make a striking statement with a vibrant colored door. Alternatively, opt for a minimalist design paired with bold industrial hardware. Customize your door with the use of decorative glass with geometric or asymmetric properties. Take it to another level and add tinted or colored glass to create an ambient feel as light shines through.

Notably Natural

Modern farmhouse and craftsman style homes are often paired clean-cut square doors. The beauty of the Victoria style steel or Heritage door offers simplicity while enhancing the overall beauty of your home design which will surely make an impact on your guests. Match your hardware according to the style of your home. Opt for a sleek, dark, and matte handle for a more modern-farmhouse feel, or an elegantly curved handle in polished copper or bronze for a more modern-rustic feel. The options are endless with our wide selection of handle sets and front doors.

Front door upgrades for more than your aesthetic

Although the aesthetic and curb appeal of a new front door may be the most noticeable highlight, there are also several other perks.

  • First, a new front door can offer more security and protection for your home. Newer doors are compatible with more handle sets an d multi-point locking systems. Additionally, you can set your new door up with electronic locks and discover the convenience of keyless entry.
  • Older doors often have seal leaks or holes that can result in cold air coming in and warm air going out. Maritime Door & Window offers an energy-efficient range of front doors to optimize your comfort. Plus, this can also contribute to a more affordable energy bill for your home. No matter the style of your home, Maritime Door & Window can help you upgrade to the front door of your dreams. With our wide range of configurations, embossments, decorative glass settings, color options, hardware, and locking systems, you will have no problem achieving your aesthetic, security, and efficiency goals. Contact us today for a free quote!