Buying the right window to fit your window viewing opportunity is best completed in a series of steps.

These steps help you to gain the window buyer knowledge you may need as a consumer to make the right choice in window style and design. Knowing the right questions to ask will aide in getting the maximum design performance that is going to be energy efficient well in the future of your structure. 

Our best advice is to start with knowing the dimensions of the hole in the wall you want to fill. Know the view that you want to deliver from inside to outside along with functional access controls you chose to let the outside environment in, or not.

#1 Know the Problems Your Are Solving in Size and Performance

You start a window (re)placement project by knowing the exact dimensions of the wall opening and current construction details of the project specific building.

The first thing we recommend is that you ask for our professional factory trained window installation staff member to come to your location at no cost to you.

Our installers know how to spot potential structural challenges, or construction proximity issues that will impede ease of installation.

Our factory installers will take all the relevant dimensional measurements and forward them to your window specialist at our Albert Street Window Store Ideas Showroom location in Moncton. We will assign a specialist to your project as soon as you contact us for a pre-install and order visit. 

If you have not been to our Window’s Idea Store, then please take this video walking tour of our window sample displays that are located in our Ideas’ Showroom. Our customer’s rave about our spacious showroom with complete window samples for sizing and colour design options, as well as mechanical opening styles.

We offer one stop shopping for room finishing accessories with sample architectural moldings, and hardware options from popular room finishing accessory manufactures.  Come to our showroom and you will see what you are getting as working samples that will inspire you to dream even more about the finished project. 

The benefit to you in using Maritime’s installers is that Maritime Door and Window guarantees their window’s product performance as a manufacture.

If you choose Maritime’s Installation team for your window order, then everything they do during the careful installation process protects your investment and completes your future window warranty coverage term.

Getting the wall opening dimensions right and understanding the visual and technical problems that you are attempting to solve is a big # 1 step in smart window buying as a consumer. Get your specifications down on paper.

Put Your Window’s Technical Performance and Warranty Responsibility on MaritimeDW

Inviting our installers to take your project opening dimensions removes a big construction risk and responsibility off your shoulders.

The benefit to you in letting our installation team do the measurements is that it allows you to concentrate on the preferred design look, and technical performance of your made-to-measure, new window order. Learn more about what to consider in choosing the right windows for your openings.

Click here to ask for a MaritimeDW Installation Window Dimensions project visit.

There is absolutely no cost to you for this service. You will be provided with a copy of their measurements and recommendations to continue shopping for new windows or door entrances to compare against the MaritimeDW window manufacturing and design recommendations as well as price.

We are completely transparent in our quotes because we are in the business to build and warranty the best window in the business . We strive to achievement that goal as a window manufacturer everyday as our business mission

#2. Know What You Are Ordering With a Showroom Visit:

If you are confident with knowing your opening’s dimensions, then we recommend that you bring them into our Maritime Door and Window’s Idea Store .

At our Idea Store you will benefit from decision guidance available from one of our experienced window ordering specialists. Want to know more about how our specialist help you make decisions, then click on The Top Two Things To Know in Choosing a Window for more detailed window purchasing information. 

Our Showroom Window Ideas’ Specialists will help you make the best choices for you in the following manner including: 

  • by determining the right size of frame you will need for the size of your proposed wall opening;
  • by showing you the different options in how the opening mechanism will work, as well as the window’s appearance, and design look and feel;
  • by explaining how you can ensure that you achieve the maximum energy efficiency in making your window purchase choice by knowing the technical considerations to consider; and,
  • by helping you create the right total design look and style choice overall for the walls of your home, or office location.

You have choices in working with us. 

You can visit our Showroom in person at your convenience.

Alternatively, you may send an e-mail request form for prompt reply by a window specialist, or you may click on the Live Chat  for an immediate start to a conversation with a window specialist.

Contacting us now will help you get the window look you want as well as the technical performance you need for your home’s comfort.

Please be assured that it does not matter to us when you want to build your project, even well into the future. We care that you know what to order and what to take into consideration when making a window style, design and performance choice. The timing and budget of your project is entirely up to you.

If you feel you want to know more detail about best practices in making window decisions and what all the terminology means around a windows’ technical performance, then please consider clicking on this interview with one of our knowledgeable window specialists. 

Remi Cormier is one member of a large team of professional window construction and ordering specialists at MartimeDW. We asked Remi to take us through the logical questions that a consumer should ask of us, or of a competitor.

What do you as a consumer need to know in deterring which type of window to buy, and from whom you should trust to manufacture and install your next window renovation. Please consider reading the in-depth interview with Remi and learn more about  Questions and Answers on Making the Best Window Purchase Decisions.

If you are ready to start the ordering process, then ask for one of MaritimeDW’s Factory Trained Window Installation experts to visit you location. They will take the worry and risk out of installing your new window in the right manner. By choosing to have them do the install you will insure that you achieve all the energy efficiency and technical performance that has been engineered into every window and door MaritimeDW’s manufactures.

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