There is a lot to know in making a wise window purchase decision.
At Maritime Door and Window we believe that the right door and window combination makes a home’s streetscape appeal. We know that the right window design choice can change the look and feel of any room interior.
This is the reason that we call our showroom area a Window Idea Store.
If you have the idea of what you want even from a picture or description, then we can build it. We will install your design choice idea so that you are delighted with the visual and efficiency outcome for many years to come.
Let us explain how we build quality and design appeal into every window that we custom make for our customers.
Maritime manufacturers a window to fit your building’s best use of available geography or room space.
Consider using a Casement Window, a Single Sliding Window, an Awning Window design, or a Single Hung Window. There are good reasons for using any or all of these designs on your next project. If you want to create a dramatic statement for your home with a window, then consider our disinctive Decorative Windows designs. 
There are many types of window functionalities and operational features to choose from. 
We recommend that you follow our suggested guide of sequential steps in making a window choice and selection for purchase. These priority listing of steps are designed or you as a consumer to know what steps to take in what order. This information helps you know what questions to ask, and are continued on this page by scrolling down further. 

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Maritime Door & Window casement windows feature slim proportions, large glass area and strong airtight seal that deliver an attractive, yet, energy efficient window choice.

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Similar to casement windows, but wider than they are tall. Awning windows open outward from the bottom and are commonly used for ventilation above a door or positioned in a row or against other windows.

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Single Hung

A true classic, single-hung windows offer charm and versatility. These windows slide open vertically and stay in place. This space saving design means you can open them without consuming exterior space.

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Single Sliding

Smooth and functional, single-sliding windows provide one horizontally sliding sash and one fixed sash for a tough barrier between your home and the weather.

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Add character and distinction to your home with custom-designed decorative windows from MD&W. Available in virtually any shape, these windows are a wonderful way to make your home unique.

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