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, Doors & Entrance

Doors that Perform with Style & Beauty

The doors you choose for your personal residence or commercial building make a very large personal fashion statement.

Your choice of entrance system and interior doors finish the look and feel of your building and its rooms. Whether for home or business use, your choice of door design and function are all part of the visitor’s first impression.

, Doors & Entrance

Click on our Ideas Gallery for more ideas on how to leverage curb appeal with Maritime Door & Window Entrance Systems.

Create an Entrance that Makes A Visual Statement

Doors are a personal sensory experience in your home or business office.

Doors, in how they open and close, tell a story of security and quality of workmanship in every use. The touch and feel, as well as the visual design appearance, of a Maritime Door product performs well with style and beauty.

We often advise customers that our windows can change the look and feel of any room, but it is our available choice of door styles and designs that will finish a room. A properly installed door offers every user an experience of quality and security as well as the convenience of access.

You place a lot of trust in the doors that you purchase. We carefully choose our door brands to both earn and maintain that trust, and give you performance satisfaction.

As our business name implies at Maritime Door and Window, we focus only on helping you get the window and door function that you want for superior performance. We offer you a range of choices in doorway and entrance system that are affordable, and will perform well throughout their lifecycle.

Your available choices of door functions and architectural designs also mean choosing the right hardware accessories to match your interior design theme.  We offer a large selection of hardware accessories with a design appeal that compliments and adds to the door’s contribution to the visual impact of any room.

Just as you take the time to choose carefully your window style design, and every room’s paint colors, your available choice of door style and functionality will require some thought.

, Doors & Entrance

Our Doorway Entrance Systems Are Built to Last

One of the first questions we ask is what do you want your door to do as part of the room appeal of your home or office.

Your choice in a door’s architectural design in terms of functionality and design impact becomes your room design’ s finishing touch.  Our staff will help you get the visual and practical use impact you are looking for in an interior or exterior door.

We recommend starting with your interior door choices and working you way out to you external entrances. Each room that requires a door becomes a statement of quality as it closes properly against the jam. Solid, substantial, and when used, your door choice conveys a sense of strength for privacy as well as security.

MaritimeDW’s Ideas Gallery Showroom has a wide range of interior and exterior door choices that you can view and experience. We offer a wide range of brand choices, and they are by design, constructed to meet every kind of use you are trying to achieve for your project.

The doors we supply or will install, meet rigorous Canadian industry standards for environmental performance and structural strength.  Our doors are manufactured to meet the unique performance requirements of your building project.

In addition to the design and color matching of interior doors to your rooms, we have complete exterior doorway and entrance treatments. With our selection of door types and styles, you can make a personal design as well as entrance preference choice.

, Doors & Entrance

Security Systems that Keep You Safe

Our exterior entry doors include enhanced strength steel doors and door frame with hardware assembly choices.  All of Maritime’s door selections are available with a wide range of locking and security component systems.

Today, the growing availability of electronic and keyless entry models offers you many options in finding the best personal choice for where and how you live. Some of the latest locking designs now include smartphone management with WiFi capability included. All of these door security choices are available in both key and keyless locking mechanisms.

For more detailed assistance and advice on doors and entrance systems, please consider coming into our showroom. In addition to seeing your selection of available choices in security applications, you can have one of our experienced building project advisors help you sort through your entrance and doorway choices.

Here is what we know for certain. Our staff expertise will help you avoid frustration or disappointment with your choice in matching entrance design to functionality, and the effective use of locking mechanisms.

, Doors & Entrance

Doors to Match any Room Design, Building Function

For more specific information on technical performance details and more detailed information on the differences that are available in how your doors will function and their design, please choose a door type that matches the function you wish to achieve including:

  • Interior Doors, by matching your doors to room design cues;
  • Storm Doors by protecting your exterior entrance from extreme weather conditions;
  • Entry Doors, by finding the look and feel that best matches your entrance design; and,
  • Patio Doors, by choosing from a wide range of access designs that brings the beauty of outdoor to you indoor life.