Glossary of Terms

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Thermal Spacer
An insulating material used to break highly conductive materials, to reduce heat transfer.

A window unit combined to the top of a window or door frame.

Triple Glazing
A sash glazed with three lights of glass, enclosing two separate air spaces.

Wind Load
The amount of pressure exerted by the wind on a window or door generally expressed in pounds per square foot.

Vapor Barrier
A watertight material used to prevent the passage of moisture into or through floors, walls and ceilings.

Venting Unit
A window or door unit that opens or operates.

Weather Stripping
A material used to create an air or water seal between operating components of a window or door.

A U-value indicates the rate of heat transfer. The lower the U-value number, the slower it transfers heat from a warm area to a cold area.