Glossary of Terms

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A handle or grip installed on the bottom rail of the lower sash of a double-hung window to make it easier to raise or lower the sash.

Single pane of glass.

Low E Glass
A type of glass with a film or metallic coating on one side to restrict the passage of radiant heat.

The vertical or horizontal divisions or joints between single windows in a multiple window unit.

A short bar used to separate glass in a sash into multiple lights. Also called a windowpane divider or a grille

Nailing Fin
A pre-punched fin that is part of the extrusion which allows for easy installation.

A door or window that has an operable sash or panel that opens to allow passage or ventilation.

Usually refers to the separate panel or panels in a door.

Patio Door
A sliding door comprised of a panel fitted with an insulated sealed unit, with one operating panel sliding horizontally to provide passage.

Picture Window
A type of window in which a sealed unit is glazed directly into window frame, without a sash.

Operational mode for ventilation windows, which usually means that the frame rotates on a central axis and rotates 90 degrees or more.

Mode fonctionnel pour les fenêtres d’aération, ce qui signifie habituellement que le châssis pivote sur un axe central et tourne 90 degrés ou plus.