Glossary of Terms

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The glass panes (or lites) in the sash of a window.

Glazing Compound
A pliable substance applied between the window sash and the lites of glass to seal against the elements and sometimes to adhere the glass to the sash.

Glazing Stop
The part of the sash or door panel which holds the glass in place.

An operating style of window that has a sash which slides horizontally to open. Also known as a slider.

Short bar(s) used to separate glass in a sash into multiple lites. Also called a muntin.

Half Round
True half round where the arch comes right down to the sill. The height is half the width.

The top portion of a window and door frame.

Hopper Window
A window unit in which the top of the sash swings inward.

Insulated Glass Unit
A combination of two or more panes of glass factory-sealed using a spacer bar. Also known as a sealed unit.

The side components of a window or door frame.

The protruding, hook-shaped part of a casement window lock, which is mounted on the inside surface of the sash stile.