Highest Standards

In our regular team meetings we constantly ask ourselves these type of questions:

  • Are we doing our best in explaining why we are so confident of the performance of our products?
  • Is this our best product we can build?
  • Are we keeping up with environmental requirements?
  • Are there any changes from our core component suppliers that we should know about, or will impact on our quality performance ?
  • Do we have the best quality components available from our suppliers?
  • Do our install team have everything they need to complete a perfect install of our products?

These are the questions we ask ourselves every day on your behalf. You might ask, why do I need to know this focus of our business. The answer is because when we say that we sell a top quality door, hardware accessory, or manufacture a window; we know “quality”.

In window manufacturing, you are only as good as the last window that went to shipping and out the door to our customer. Our product quality achievements do not keep us awake nights worrying, but it is a daily topic in every conversation we have.

Quality defines what we do as a manufacturer and who we are as a customer sales business. We know quality when we see it.

We manufacture quality windows to fit any opening. We have a professional team to install our doors and windows to exacting performance specs.

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  • We pride ourselves in exceeding the Canadian Standards Association A440 standard. The performance of windows sold in Canada is defined in a Canadian Standards Association standard called CSA A440 (Windows).This standard sets the type of materials that are to be used in the manufacture of windows and some minimum material properties, such as thickness, hardness and durability. The A440 Standard also defines minimum performance levels for windows evaluated under a standardized set of conditions.
  • We understand that energy efficiency is more important than ever. That’s why the materials we use and the glass packages we offer are high efficiency ENERGY STAR®. We’ve got you covered when it comes to energy efficiency.