With over 60,000 square feet of integrated manufacturing, operational and showroom facilities. This allows for maximized efficiency, value and quality control throughout the organization, to the highest national and international standards.


In window manufacturing, you are only as good as the last window that went to shipping and out the door to our customer. Our product quality achievements do not keep us awake nights worrying, but it is a daily topic in every conversation we have.

Quality defines what we do as a manufacturer and who we are as a customer sales business. We know quality when we see it.


When you walk through our Albert Street Showroom, it is designed as if you were stepping through a personal ideas catalog for understanding what is possible for you to achieve in your home or business location.


Whether you’re replacing, building, or re-modeling, you can count on MD&W to deliver worry-free, on-site installation and service you can trust.

With products, delivery, and installation fully guaranteed, you can count on us for that and a whole lot more:

  • Improper installation leads to unnecessary drafts, leaks, and operating problems
  • Long-term satisfaction guaranteed with factory-trained installation professionals
  • Ensure windows and doors operate properly and energy efficient


Through top-notch recruiting policies and technology implementations, the company now benefits from a world-class, seasoned team.  For over 45 years all of our operations have been based right here in Moncton NB.

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