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Our Company

Total Focus on Customer’s Experience of Quality

Maritime Door and Window Ltd has earned the right to continue in business for the past 40 plus years by focusing on product quality.

We earn the right to continue in business every year by meeting our customer’s expectation. Our focus is on delivering a top quality product and informed sales expertise that meets our customer’s expectations of a window or door product purchase.

Every team member realizes that we only grow our business when we meet our “customers’ experience expectations“. We start every staff meeting reviewing our Customer Mission Statement. We read the statement aloud to remind ourselves of our focus on what and why we do our jobs, and on how we do them as part of a team effort.

The quality of our mechanical components and technical installations defines Maritime Door & Window reputation.

We know our business reputation to be true because our customers tell us of their personal experience with Maritime Door and Window’s products and people over the years. We have a great legacy to live up to in what we do today.

We know we have done our jobs right when we hear comments from our satisfied customers.

Maritime Door & Window did not invent quality
in manufacturing a window,
but we know it when we see it.

Quality in window construction is easy to imagine but is a challenge we accept every day to deliver for products we manufacture or install. We accept that challenge every time we accept an order from a customer, whether residential or commercial.

The process of how we get to recognize and achieve, product quality may interest you.

Our efforts are important to you because the build quality of your window and entrance product is a big part of your future product satisfaction. You will live with your door and window choice for a long time.

As well, the potential energy efficiency you will achieve is a payback over the lifecycle of your investment. Over the years, the mechanical reliability of the door or window will enhance the value appeal of your residence or building.

Every business conversation is focused on our customer’s search for a quality product solution to their problem. Every change we make in a component choice or design change, is carefully evaluated. We analyze how the change will enhance our product’s performance for the customer’s experience.

Product quality and performance starts with our choice of component suppliers. Our choices in structural framing for our products favor suppliers who focus on superior technical performance. Reliability and longevity for your window or door performance start with our framing choice.

Our staff experience in the window and entrance expertise is valuable to your next construction project. Our staff study the constantly changing environmental and building code specifications. Staying current and in compliance with changing building codes is crucial to our business, and ultimately to your satisfaction. As innovations in engineering design or component performance become available, we analyze every potential change for any possible improvement in technical performance.

There is a lot for you to absorb in knowing about our continuing quest for superior quality and reliability, as well as energy management performance

We love what we do, and it shows.
We love to talk about the technical
performance of our products.

Because we are constantly trying to improve as a company, we are confident that we deliver a top quality product to every customer. If a mistake occurs, then we correct it immediately under our comprehensive warranty program. We stand behind our products and will be there to answer, and help you when you call. You may learn more about our warranty; click on Maritime Door & Window Warranty Program to know more.

We want you as our customer. We would appreciate a chance to quote on your next building project.

Tell us more here, by submitting a short project description of what you need to solve your construction problem. There is no obligation by asking for our technical help on your project. We will earn our way in for your consideration by what we contribute in expertise.

We want the opportunity to answer your questions and to help you cost your project and project the visual, as well as technical performance gains. Consider coming into our Albert Street showroom at your convenience. Our customers mention that we give them a lot of ideas, so we started a Project Idea Gallery, check it out here. You may also start your project with us online, by submitting this convenient project description form.

In our showroom, or on our Window and Entrance Project Idea Gallery you will discover a wide range of window and door architecture examples and ideas. We love to talk about product quality and what it will mean to you, and your building project.

If you ask us what we do as our passion, and what motivates us;
it is to build our “think quality”, and “product satisfaction experience”
into every customer’s project.

We would love to help you with your next project. We will do our best so that you gain the benefits from the best window and door solution possible.