Welcome to our Showroom!

When you walk through our Albert Street Showroom, it is designed as if you were stepping through a personal ideas catalogue for understanding what is possible for you to achieve in your home or business location.

There is an extensive array of window and door designs as well as the technical architecture available to complete your selection of the right door entrance or window choice for your building project.

We built this showroom for our customers. What customers continually ask our Ideas Team about are where can they get practical ideas for adding visual appeal to their home while maintaining their environmental efficiency and protection against elements. Our showroom showcases the latest in window efficiency, door security including the latest electronic lock and hinge combinations thats allow you to conveniently unlock your door with your smartphone from any location inside or outside your home.

There is a comprehensive array of achitectual finishes, mouldings and trim examples to complete your imagination for what your room may look like when completed. In addition, we have a team of advisors who are trained and experienced in understanding the technical specifications that meet a particular code, while assisting you in getting the design effect you desire from your renovation or new construction.

If you are unable to visit at the moment, then check out the online Customer Ideas Gallery of pictures and projects that our team are working on with our customers to help them get the ideas installed that they want for their home or place of business. 

When you walk through our showroom you will understand why we say that “We Love What We Do and What We Build”.

We walk around our best ideas everyday. We know they will help you finalize your project plan and choices. Call, email, or visit with one of our Ideas Team members.